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Anne-Marie Tipper
Anne-Marie TipperFounder
John Tipper
John TipperFounder
Sarah Rosborg
Sarah RosborgBOSS

Board Members

Jandy McCandless
Jandy McCandlessBoard Member & Admin Manager
Rebel Wylie
Rebel WylieBoard Member & Ambassador
Claire Harding
Claire HardingBoard Member & Marketing
Chantelle Ellem
Chantelle EllemBoard Member & Ambassador
Nicci Meredith
Nicci MeredithBoard Member & Head Bookkeeper
Victoria Dyte
Victoria DyteBoard Member & Web Master

Australian Team

These outstanding individuals give their time, skills and effort to Rafiki Mwema on a volunteer basis. We couldn’t do what we do without them!

Col Dyte
Col DyteGraphic Designer
Kerry Thompson
Kerry ThompsonBookkeeping
Jayde Leeder
Jayde LeederSocial Media Ninja
Danielle Colley
Danielle ColleyVolunteer Coordinator
Laura Baxter
Laura BaxterSponsorship Liason

Kenyan Team

Our wonderful staff

Uncle Jack
Uncle JackOutreach Manager
Aunty Lydia
Aunty LydiaHousekeeper
Uncle Jimmy
Uncle Jimmy RM Board Member
Aunty Jane
Aunty JaneCarer
Uncle Barisso
Uncle BarissoManager at Boys House
Teacher Agge
Teacher AggeTeacher
Uncle Eric
Uncle EricManager Girls House
Uncle Nick
Uncle NickHead Carer at Boys
Aunty Agnes
Aunty AgnesCook at Girls House
Aunty Jane
Aunty JaneCleaner/Carer at Boys Home
KhadijaCarer at our Boys Home
Uncle Tony
Uncle TonyGroundsman
Uncle Paul
Uncle PaulNight Watchman
Aunty Sylvia
Aunty SylviaCook at Boys House
Uncle Sammy
Uncle SammyCook at our Boys Home
Uncle Isaac
Uncle IsaacTeacher at Boys House
Teacher Nancy
Teacher NancyTeacher
FancyCarer at our Boys Home
MarthaCarer at Rafiki Mwema
DaisyCarer at Rafiki Mwema
RoseCook at our Girls House
MichaelInformation Liason
ConceptaCarer at Boys Homes
SalomeNurse at Girls House
Joseph Groundsmen at Doyle Farm
MaryCarer at Rafiki Mwema
CristabelTeacher at Girls House
EmilyTeacher at Homes

Rafiki Ambassadors

Using their incredible voices, these fantastic humans spread the word about Rafiki Mwema far and wide

Dr Dan Hughes
Dr Dan HughesRafiki Ambassador
Rebel Wylie
Rebel WylieBlogger at Rebel without a pause
Chantelle Ellem
Chantelle EllemBlogger at Fat Mum Slim
Celeste Barber
Celeste BarberRafiki Ambassador
Constance Hall
Constance HallLife long Rafiki Warrior