Update on *Elizabeths Fight Campaign by Constance Hall

So you all went above and beyond……. AGAIN We are so thrilled with the money raised by Constance andthe Queen Village. We have surpassed the original target of 45K and while we are over the moon …

Update on Elizabeths Fight Campaign by Constance HallSo you all went above and beyond……. AGAIN

We are so thrilled with the money raised by Constance andthe Queen Village. We have surpassed the original target of 45K and while we are over the moon we are not shocked.. what a beautiful community of people constance has surrounding her and Rafiki Mwema feels so privileged to have all of your support. We are expecting the cost for *Elizabeth’s house to be $75K which is for a 2 bedroom house with all the essentials, this will be securely located at the Rafiki farm on land we already own and will be integrated with the Rafiki Family. And thanks to you we have reached that goal and then some!

This current campaigns’ original target was set to $45K this is due to amazing bunch of people committed to raising $30k between then and dedicated their time and fundraising skills (and legs, including me.. OUCH) to trekking New Zealand with Inspired Adventures in Feb for *Elizabeth’s House. The two campaigns combined target was aiming to build this special girl her forever home.

We never expected both campaigns would result in additional funds to support Rafiki Mwema, we have so many urgent projects that have until now been unfunded and causing us much angst. Now with your help we will be able to build *Elizabeth’s house and deliver on some of our other projects. We will put a fund aside specifically for *Elizabeth’s current and future medical bills, we will furnish the house and ensure Elizabeth has what she needs. This is all possible thanks to this amazing support network that you have all created.

There are often months where we are scrambling to cover costs, we rely solely on sponsorship and donations and often that doesn’t cover it, this means that repairing things on the properties or the cars or special outings are not always possible. The additional money raising in Cons current campaign will go along way in ticking the to do list.

Over the past 6 months I have been desperately trying to find and raise funds for is a new van/4wd. One that will transport our family to the hospital in the middle of the night safely and quickly (without having to drive 20km an hour with the fear of the current van falling a part) This is nothing short of terrifying, you might remember this. And now, Thanks to you, we are able to redirect $22k of the excess funds and purchase this much needed car.

But we can’t stop there. The additional funds we currently have and you continue to give will mean we have funds in the bank to cover costs when we are running low.. money to have in the bank if we have to take that child to hospital, or we need to pay for an outreach child to help with school or clothing, or to service and maintain the fleet so we can transport children and staff safely, or allow us to help our staff member pay for the costs of a family members funeral, you name it.. we try to provide support to our community wherever possible.

There are SO many costs and so much need. Please dont stop now, if you feel inspired by Rafiki Mwema and Constance’s campaign and you like to see your money making a difference then please donate and follow Sarah on Facebook and Instagram to see updates as these dreams become reality. Because of all of you.

Our Rafiki Family.

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