Trust is such a common word. I trust you’ve had a good day; I trust you with my life; trust me I won’t let you down.

Five letters that are designed to let someone know you are there for them; that you’ve got their back. That you can do the right thing.

How do we know who is trustworthy and who is not. There is no measure. There is no blood test that can determine the quality in others. As adults we can be tricked and fooled, so how hard is it for our children to know who to invest their futures with.

Trust is huge and it is not a God given right that trust is received by traumatised young people, even if we mean it. Actions of untrustworthy people can be misinterpreted by our traumatised children as being made to feel special, a chosen one. Abuse is orchestrated from a platform of fake trust.

Children and young people who have had bad things happen to them don’t trust easily. Babies that suffer abuse before they are born are programmed to expect bad stuff and don’t trust. They can misunderstand the intentions of others and trust the very people they should fear.

When trust isn’t there, easy stuff becomes the hard stuff.

When the person or people that should be looking after you are the very same people that are abusing and violating you, how can trust exist.

When an adult breaks trust the ripples of that action vibrate for generations. It impacts families and organisations alike. When trust is violated our children pay the price.

Make or break time.

In our families support trust by being worthy of trust. If an action can’t be shared and discussed openly then question the motives behind it.

If we are caring for some of the most complex and damaged children known to man, they need to come from a place where trust and repair can flourish openly. They need to know that you can set a future path for our very beautiful and damaged children, with their repair at the heart of your relationship.

Use, don’t abuse, the trust given to you. Prioritise the babies and young people in your care.

Trust starts with your actions to yourself and others, but can repair or destroy our future generations .

The success of future generations is in your hands.

I trust you will use that wisely