It’s not so long since one of our saddest of goodbyes Constance Hall,  Denzy and their beautiful family and friends that I can even begin to process just what that trip meant to all of us

It’s so well known that Constance raised phenomenal amounts of money to build our Queens Castle and then our Kings Castle. So surely her trip was that if a major sponsor?

But she is also our Ambassador so perhaps she was there in that role? 

She sponsors some of our children so maybe that’s it. She was there to meet her kids?

But then she is the warmest most beautiful woman on the planet whose love and kindness radiates through every pore of her body and hits you in the heart. She is a strong supporter of girls and woman but knows the important role that boys and men have in the balance of life

She is also one of the people I love most in this world

So what did he trip bring Rafiki Mwema and Play Kenya that we were missing before? I’ve read comments on Cons page saying she should have sent the money rather than paying for her trip. But coming here; breathing our air; sharing her love has given us something money simply can’t buy.

…. Family 

Imagine being a girl whose been sold into prostitution by her mother at the age of two and had 5 clients a day. She believed her life was over by 6. Who would care for her now she was damaged and shunned by her society. Constance does

Think of the boy who was beaten raped and tortured from the age of 3. Who ran to live in the streets at 5; Who spent 7 long years simply getting from one violence fuelled night to another; Who hated women with a passion; Who learnt slowly to be loved and saw love for him reflected in Cons eyes. Money can’t buy that

She brought herself and she models our approach. She is playful loving accepting curious and empathic with our children and staff. She radiates love and she gave that love to each and every one of our family

They know and believe now that people around the world who have never met them, truly love them. What a beautiful gift Con gave them

From our hearts to our Queen if Hearts there is no way of putting into words what your visit did Constance. It was priceless. 

Your love sticks to our walls and we breath it in as part of our daily life

We love you and can’t wait for you to come back