Welcoming 5 new kings into the Rafiki Family

4 little boys who we met on the streets yesterday have now joined our family. We simply couldn’t leave them there in the pouring rain. We believe they are aged from 5 to 9 years …

Welcoming 5 new kings into the Rafiki Family4 little boys who we met on the streets yesterday have now joined our family. We simply couldn’t leave them there in the pouring rain.

We believe they are aged from 5 to 9 years old only and have lived on the streets for years.

Our big boys have all agreed that we take them in and they have been so welcoming and gentle and keep assuring these boys that ‘this is a good place, it is not like others, they will not beat you here’

Completely heartbreaking as it makes us think of how many more children there are on the streets. But for now we will put our focus on these boys. We need help with funds to purchase their beds, bedding, clothes, medical checks etc etc.. The list is long and we are reaching out for your help..

I have set up a donation option in our online store here.

Everything adds up. We would appreciate it so much if you can contribute or if you are not in a position to contribute perhaps you could share this post for us.

We hope this is the beginning of a brand new, wonderful life for these kings.Welcoming 5 new kings into the Rafiki Family

Update. All 4 boys are settling but it’s such a contrast for them from their lives 48 hours ago. They can’t quite believe that they are not going to be physically beaten in anyway.

They have such different personalities. One is very loud and you know he is around. One boy rides a bike around the compound on his own all day. Another stands by his new big brothers watching and learning the new ways. One sits under a tree alone and isolated in his thoughts

All have deep mistrust and trauma – we are so pleased to have them with us and will wait for them to feel the love that radiates from everyone around them – heartbreaking and heartwarming to be alongside their early days towards a better life

If thank you is the word I need to say then please hear it in every single beat of our hearts. Please hear it in the wind of change that brings love and kindness to our baby boys. Please hear it through every unspoken works that carries love into the heart of our newest baby boys. The boys who have lived as men and have no concept of childhood

You are the kings and queens who have gifted hope to those who felt hopeless

Thank you !!!Welcoming 5 new kings into the Rafiki Family

This morning we spoke with the boys about how they are doing – so much has changed including coming off drugs and glue. We have been worried that two of our boys might want to leave but no – they are worried that we won’t let them STAY! It is such early days and they will go through many emotions and some days will be better than others – today they are happy to be part of our family.

Tomorrow they need to be signed over to us through the courts and they are really scared that we will send them to the remand – which is awful! They have agreed to go if they have two uncles and Anne-Marie with them – then they believe they will return here.

Is it too early to have fallen in love with them? I don’t think so.

We have another family member!

We were looking for this young man last week when we were looking for the other boys… and now we have found him! We have never known such a positive response to coming to us. All our boys know him and they we’re all SO excited!

Our very new boys were running around telling him all the lovely things about Rafiki Mwema – our smallest boy told him he should let them burn his clothes as he would give him his coat as he had a sweater AND a coat now and would share!

Look at his face – he was so excited to be here after years on the streets.

He couldn’t contain himself in the shower, shouting ‘HOT WATER’ and rolling around in the bath. He used so much soap you could smell it in the whole house. He was SO proud of his clean clothes.Welcoming 5 new kings into the Rafiki Family

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