Being in Kenya is always a roller coaster of emotion and none more than this trip. I find that I move from laughing to crying from moment to moment.

Things are pretty full on at this moment and we face some tough decisions in the next few days – when that happens you can forget the amazing things that are happening right in front of you.

Things like this young man driving me through town and out to our project. Driving through the very streets he was forced to call home. Hehas strength and wisdom beyond his years while still able to make me double with laughter always. He has the most infectious smile and the most incredible ability to reach out and infect the world with his joy.

But he hasn’t had it easy – not at all. He is a young man who life almost missed – his stories heartbreaking, his determination immense.

We are beyond proud of the young man he is and excited about the path that he now has. He has grasped his opportunities and replayed us in love laughter and kindness. He sees his shortcomings and works to make them his strengths.

He is a natural leader and the most incredible role model for our children, especially those in our small boys house. He speaks straight from the heart and shows them that life changes when you take what is being offered and allow the real you to come to the party.

He is our family and for that Play Kenya is so much richer. He is everything we stand for. We held his hand to the future and showed him to the path. A young man who future shines brightly but always remembers to pause and shine the light for others

Thank you for everything you bring to our family xxx