Everyday good things happen in our four therapeutic houses. Everyday a small change happens taking one of our Kings or Queens striding on towards a ultimate goal – but somedays are just AMAZING!!!

Today is one of those days

Two years ago a small frightened little girl arrived in our house. She was five years old and had been sexually tortured by her step mother. She had injuries you dare not even imagine. She was broken into a million pieces, physically and emotionally.

No-one could understand her speech; it was like she spoke her own language. She broke our hearts as she became an island of anger and fear. She fought the other girls like a wild animal and cried enormous gulping tears that cut like glass into her beautiful face. She had no smile. She had no voice. She had no-one.

The Children’s Department had no details of any other family members apart from those who had inflicted these horrific injuries to her. That family had silenced her voice through fear. She could tell us nothing about who she was. We had her name. Just her name.

We did all we knew to do. We waited with loving patience for her to know she would not be hurt for that minute, for that hour, for that day. We let her take her own path of recovery with her key worker doing everything to let her know she would not be harmed. When she hit, bit and screamed we kept her safe. She learnt to let that one person be beside her, touch her and one day hold her.

We learnt sign language with her and we waited with love. And one day, with the uncertainty of a new born fawn, she spoke.

Her words were badly formed and we didn’t always understand her. She became frustrated. We never did. Through connection and love she found enough voice to tell us about her family. A Grandmother and Aunties who would be looking for her. She needed to go home but didn’t know where home was. She was just a baby, trapped in a house she didn’t want, but knew she needed.

Our beautiful, amazing outreach team took her story and hunted the country for her family. Of course they found them. They found a family grieving the death of a child they had loved. They couldn’t believe that she was alive and safe with us. Her return to home slowly began. Our little baby girl had her family. They lived far and the step-down program felt long for her.

Our outreach team laughed with joy when things went well, and cried tears of sadness at the set-backs they faced. But through love and connection they returned our baby, who had been given to us for a time in her life, to the family who loved her.

We are so proud to have held your hand baby girl on the path to your sunshine. You are forever ‘family’ and we will visit you always – but I have a feeling that you are safe in your own families arms. I don’t think they will be letting you go.

You are the reason we are