The first month of sales for the incredible ECO TAN hand cream.. actually, it was only THREE WEEKS has blown us away!! Eco by Sonya Driver were able to donate  $16,457.19 into our account at the end of November for sales made for 3 (THREE!!!) weeks in November.  This money has been a life saver with all the extra costs at this time of year.  We have been able to pay bills with no stress or paying bit by bit without waiting for funds.  We have been able to pay for all the kids uniforms to start school today, fix our electric fence, build a guard house, fix the lights on our car and assist many outreach families and children over this holiday period and to start school.

Sonya, you never want recognition but it’s too bad. I am here to sing your praises from the rooftops.  You are amazing and you make so much change in this world.

I’m forever thankful for Celeste Barber bringing you into our lives.  Thank you for what you and your team do for our family in Kenya.  Nakupenda Sana Sana.