I want to know why they didn’t keep looking for him

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We try so hard for all our children to search for their family and build a connection, but sometimes news is not good. We are not saying they must return home as, for many of our boys, this is not an option due to physical and emotional safety, but if we can build a relationship that they can develop and take into adulthood, the boys will have a true sense of their family.

Recently one of our much loved young boys wanted to find his family. This young man is the heartbeat of our small boys house and at around 9 years old has so much positive energy. He makes you smile with his cheeky ways; he makes you gasp at how amazing he is at dancing; he is smart; fun and sometimes really full on! We simply love him.

Our fabulous Outreach Team took on the task of tracing his family. They travelled far – how DID this little chap end up in Nakuru? It is so many many hours from his home.

When the outreach team arrived they literally searched high and low for someone who may know this family and just as they were giving up, it seemed they struck gold.

A neighbour recognised the name and gave a report that the mother of our boy returned to her home country when her son was young. She left him with his father and step mother. The rest is not good and makes very hard reading.

The step mother punished this little boy just for existing. She beat him hard and she beat him continuously. She used sharp objects including knives and stones. Our little man has horrific scars on his body and face and now we know why.

He was three years old and he suffered with this woman and the man he called ‘father’ for two long frightening and dangerous years.

At 5 years old he was taken by a neighbour to a local children’s home because she feared for his life. Our Outreach Team found the home and they confirmed the story. They said he was headstrong – I’d call it scared! We are not sure yet how long he stayed there but they report that he ran away because they were strict with school – he was a baby boy!!!!

When the team returned to report the news our strong warrior wept tears for the Mama he wanted back in his life; for the pain and fear he lived through and for the feeling of not belonging anywhere. He cried in the arms of his key worker all the tears he held for so long for fear of being beaten if he made a sound. He cried in the Uncle’s arms for the safety he felt now while knowing it was not what he wanted. He wanted his Mama.

We WILL keep looking; he wants to visit the children’s home where he has some memories – I want to know why they didn’t keep looking for him when he ran away. He was, he still is, a baby boy. He has lived a life of pain and fear. Although we know that will not happen to him anymore in our house, he needs time to really believe it.

We’re holding your hand little guy; we are right with you all the way

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