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Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog! My name is Beau, 20 years old. I came in the family in Rafiki Mwema in 2013. Today I’m so honoured to share with you a bit of my …

Hi everyone. Welcome to my blog! My name is Beau, 20 years old. I came in the family in Rafiki Mwema in 2013. Today I’m so honoured to share with you a bit of my personal details. Rafiki Mwema for me has been a wonderful home where I found love and a great difference compared to any other homes I have ever been. I lack words to explain the exact description about it because its amazingly wonderful. 

What was it like before you came to Rafiki? 

My jouney has been a tough one, I used to live with my mum and a very violent drankard dad who used to beat me and sometimes locked me out of the house at night. I thought to myself that is a life that I shouldn’t have to go through. I left to town hoping that it was a bit better but it really not what I expected. Daily I had to sleep in the cold and got so sick, at night being chased by the police who caught us and called us thiefs and big names. The only hope for food was to beg but also wasn’t easy since some people never wanted even to see me because I was dirty and wore worn out clothes. 

What was it like when you first came to Rafiki? 

Even though staffs and kids thought me as an outgoing and charismatic person, some said I was cheeky! Honestly it wasn’t easy at the first because it was hard to connect with the kids and staffs that I found at the time. This is because I used to think that all people are brutal kind of the same and there is no place that I could get love and support and most importantly an ear to listen. At first I didn’t like the concept of therapy because I avoided betrayal Aunty Khadija my keyworker understood me well and got me an encyclopedia which had pictures of human brain and animals facts and I loved it as well as making LEGO toys. Aunty Khadija who was kind and supportive helped me understand its importance and it turned out to work for me and mould me to the young man I am now.  

What I love most about Rafiki? 

What I love most about Rafiki Mwema is that they have supportive, loving and kind staffs who have helped me through my tough timeswhen I had lost all hope through traumatic experinces I had in my past- aunty Khadija taught me this. Also what I really love most about Rafiki Mwema is they way they are able to bring many families together and help us heal from the wrong things the society made us go through by learning to love, care and empathise with many. What Rafiki Mwema made me wish to be a good dad and a brother to all no matter what the situation love covers all. 

What’s your favourite thing about Doyle Farm? 

Is that they have a unique heart for help and they never give up on someone and really supports them to their ability and as much as you are willing to go, the encouragement that you can do better. Personally Rafiki Mwema has helped to learn and gain so much experience such as writing to you some blog etc.  

My favourite thing ? 

This depends, My favourite thing about me is my ability to be resilience and ways that I live with people of different backgrounds and made friends quickly. 

 I also have a favourite book – WHY HAS NOBODY TOLD ME THIS BEFORE? BY Dr JULIE SMITH- Sarah got me last year. This is because I love to connect with people and understand the art of leadership and bringing people together and seeing thing work perfectly as a team but not my own achievements alone. 

My favourite animals are a Loyal dog a fearless lion, they are my favorite because they understand the importance of a family and togetherness, It defines me because I love to work as team and that will ever be me, I love all lions especially the ones with big manes and I love them because of their bravely and big roars of the males 

My favourite sport is football and rugby, I support Arsenal and Australian Rugby 7s 

My favorite food is Rice, Wrap Spaggheti cabonara and Chapati  

My favourite photo 

My wish for the future? 

I have a dream of living a life that inspires people and make a positive impact in the world. I believe that by working with people, especially kids, I can make a tangible difference in the lives of others and create a better future for everyone.  

My passion for inspiring people comes from my own experiences. I have been fortunate to find mentors and role models at Rafiki Mwema who have encouraged me to pursue my dreams and never give up! Thus I want to pay it back though theirs was priceless and be an inspiring to others and a beacon of hope. And to lead a successful life. 

What’s your favourite way to spend your spare time

I love to learn new thing a day. Atleast one. like reading self developing contents in the mornings or a new language like spanish, coding, meeting up with friends and family and to share the knowledge I gain. But my most favourite of all is to learn about human brain and its functioning or just about human and behaviours. I say this because when I came to Rafiki Mwema when I couldn’t connect to people Aunty Khadija gave me an encyclopedia which had all this information and upto now I wanna learn more each day. 

Spending time with the nature watching tress and the rising sun and when it sets as well as birds and recording them and listen to them sing in my earphones and drawing. 

Do you ever play with the guard dogs?  

Yes I do. There is one at Rafiki Mwema named Angel, very playful and fierce who is always following me everywhere. Dogs are my favorite home animals. Whenever I meet a dog they all  just become friends with me. Amana (Sarah’s Dog) will like me when we meet haha!  

What’s the best memory you have so far? 

Yes, I have multiple of them. I have a memory of the therapy sessions I had when I first came, they contributed to my transformation, trips we had to Maasai Mara and The Spa in Hells gate it was so fun. The games we used to play like Ludo, volleyball and football like a whole family and table reflection sessions we had. My  favorite is the launching of the Kings Castle. It’s my favorite because honestly, I only saw such a big, beautiful house with the rich men in Nakuru but now it’s going to be a home to many. The pitch to play football and when they showed me my cosy warm bed, I felt happy and knew this was the end of cold nights and fights in town it was going to be my sweet home. I can’t forget to mention that I had a great day with the big party I ever been in eating meat was my favourite and seeing all of us smiling just because of Rafiki Mwema. I adore them. 

Tell us about that cool hat!  

Oh, I adored that hat! It was on August when Sarah and Anne Marie had come to visit us at the boys house, I really loved to be close to them because they hugged us, this was new thing to me and it felt good feeling loved and cared about, so I had this habit of waking up early and wait for them to wake up in the morning so that when they come to greet the boys I could be the first one. Luckily this day it was the first thing Sarah held in her hand it smelt of her. I loved it even more as many were admiring it. 

What inspires you to keep going every day 

God is my number one inspiration. I believe all humans need a better world. Therefore we should not be ignorant in what a child can do in this world! We all start as kids so the knowledge and experiences invested in us as kids will determine the world of tomorrow. My urge to my parents and all other wonderful parents will be to make them aware and we shall grow fond of love and this will help many rise to be kings and queens. And therefore, bringing light and hope to many will always be my main inspiration. 

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