Leaving Them There to Die 💔

**Trigger Warning – Extreme Violence Towards Children** It is 1 week since we launched out #GivingTuesdayNow campaign and I am excited to announce that we are 51% of the way there! The need in Kenya …

**Trigger Warning – Extreme Violence Towards Children**

It is 1 week since we launched out #GivingTuesdayNow campaign and I am excited to announce that we are 51% of the way there! The need in Kenya is growing before our eyes. The desperation is hard to explain in words over a blog and hard for anyone to really comprehend the devastation this will have to so many.  Thanks to many of you who have donated, we have the opportunity to change someone’s life. We have narrowed our long list of families that need us to those who have children who are in danger because of the need. We will be working with the families to set them up with a small business which will allow them to keep their children close and be able to earn money to survive.

We have also received donations that were clearly marked to support the children who are living on the streets. We are very proud to say that we have employed some of the families who are in desperate need of work to cook for these children in town. We will do our very best to feed them every day during this crisis rather than only feeding them on Sunday. Try and understand how desperate these children are… all of the hotels and food shops are closed. The markets are closed. There is no chance of the begging for food or getting any food scraps. There is no one on the streets for them to beg for left over food or 20c. These children are starving. They are dying. What do local authorities do to help? They beat these children for being in the way and making the street look messy. They beat them for not wearing a face mask. They beat them because they are not complying to the social distancing rule or they are not washing their hands.

There is also something else that they do and we don’t often tell people because it upsets them too much but like everything else, we are not going to be silent any more. Many of our boys have told us that this has happened to them one of them was as young as five years old when it happened to him but he managed to jump off the back of the truck.

They ‘clean up’ the streets by taking these children into an animal game park (where the lions, buffalo and all the other animals live) and they leave them there to die by whatever means.💔

Myself, Anne-Marie and others in our team lay awake at night at the thought of these children in town and we try to think of ways we can help them but we know that we cannot take on more children as we struggle each month to pay for our running costs with our current family. It is not just about finding them a bed for tonight and food for this week/year. It is about supporting them in everything they do and want to achieve until they are 18 years old. This kind of commitment is not one that we can’t take on while we have so many other children in our care. If we had a supporter who could fund this, we have the resources to make it happen. We are asking you to think if you might know someone in this position? Someone who could use their money to change the lives of these children who are dying and if they don’t die of starvation they will be murdered by the people who should be protecting them.

We are grateful to those of you who have donated specifically for these children on the streets that are being told they are worthless and being left for dead. Thank you for seeing them. We are so happy to be feeding them and seeing them every day. We tell them they are worth it and we will keep coming back each day while we are lucky enough to have this support. We are helping the children by feeding them and showing them they are someone worth caring for and we are now employing and supporting a family who had no income to feed their family.  Look at what we did together…

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