Standing next to the bastard that stole their childhood

***WARNING – EMOTIONAL AND HEARTFELT*** I want to say something about the video link. I am busting with something but I don’t know what the word is. Years ago I stood in that court room …

Standing next to the bastard that stole their childhood***WARNING – EMOTIONAL AND HEARTFELT***

I want to say something about the video link. I am busting with something but I don’t know what the word is.

Years ago I stood in that court room with *Alex and *Paul – standing next to the bastard that stole their childhood. He locked them in a filthy hell hole, he raped them, fed them treats and fucked with their brains. I stood next to him and I had to breathe the air that was contaminated with evil. I saw him breathing in and spewing words of abuse at two tiny, beautiful little boys. The courts allowed him to use his foul and evil mind to twist facts and continue to scare the life out of these baby boys. The courts gave him permission to shout in their faces and demand they told ‘the truth’. And do you know – these brave baby boys did just that.

They told how they had been kidnapped, locked up and used as sexual playmates for the heavy huge, filthy, frightening man, with rotting teeth and putrid breath and a smell of evil leaking from every pore in his gross body. They told, in detail, what he had done to them. They were warriors and he went to prison for life. But it cost them.

To this day *Alex cannot feel that he is restricted in in any way – even in the bathrooms or the classroom – he hates the doors closed. He has flashbacks and nightmares. He fears men but seeks them out. He never returned to his family. His shame and disgust took him to the streets where I found him 6 years later. He is beautiful, broken, scared and frightened. He lives with us now. *Paul doesn’t.

That day in court, through my tears and waves of stomach churning horror, I breathed in pure fear – and breathed out a determination to change this process. I didn’t know how – I didn’t know it would take years – but I knew it had to change. Innocent children, violated and abused; face to face and interrogated by the monsters who abused them. It just couldn’t happen. I couldn’t live with that in my heart. I was so sure it could change – but how.

Fast forward 6 years and we have the video link that was just a dream – a dream driven through the fog and pain of seeing and sharing that awful moment. WE HAVE A SAFE WAY FOR CHILDREN AND VULNERABLE ADULTS TO GIVE THEIR EVIDENCE.

It takes an army to make change – and between us we have all made so much difference. In the bustle of achievements I just want to pause for a heartbeat to celebrate just that. So many children, woman, will never know what we have done. They will never know because we have changed the future.

I want to thank everyone – of course our lovely Sarah who puts her heart soul and sanity into making everything happen – a real Queen. I want to that everyone who raises awareness and funds – you are amazing.

I want to thank the judicial system in Nakuru who met with this crazy white woman, who painted a picture of something they hadn’t even known was abusive – they heard my words and took them into their hearts – and they trusted my vision to make REAL change. For that trust I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re trust has helped my dream happen.

If I do nothing more in my crazy, overcrowded life. If I stand still (as if!) for a moment my eyes will fill with tears of immense happiness for what has been diverted. No more will the *Alex and *Peters, or *Mia’s and *Sarah’s be in that helpless, petrifying hell hole creating more nightmares of the future.

They will now give their evidence, in a soundproof room, through a video link in the courtroom. They will NEVER have their perpetrator throw poison into their eyes, through their stale breath of rape and abuse.

One day there will be a bigger word than THANK YOU – until then it’s all I have for you

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