Furnish the Queens Castle

We’ve built the Queen’s Castle – now we have to fill it up! Hey, remember back on the 22nd March, when Queen Constance Hall shared a linkto rafikimwema.com with an impassioned plea to help raise …

Furnish the Queens CastleWe’ve built the Queen’s Castle – now we have to fill it up!

Hey, remember back on the 22nd March, when Queen Constance Hall shared a linkto rafikimwema.com with an impassioned plea to help raise funds to build a second safe house at our farm in Nakuru, Kenya, for sexually abused little girls? Of course you do, because what happened in the hours and day following her post were a demonstration of the very best of humankind and community.

Constance set forth a trickle of empathy, and what returned was a tidal wave of love, kindness and hope. By 10am the following morning our campaign to build a ‘Queen’s Castle’ had raised $150,000 – DOUBLE the original target of $75,000. And thanks to kindness and generosity of people just like you, $200,000 was raised in less than one month. Rafiki Mwema was able to build the Queen’s Castle’ and so much more.Queens Castle Grand Opening

The ‘Queen’s Castle’ now stands tall – ready to provide refuge and a future to 19 very vulnerable young girls, however we need so much more than walls and a roof. The time has come to call on you for a little more help, because we need to furnish the ‘Queen’s Castle’ before the girls can move in.

We’ve crunched the numbers, and what we need is $35,000 so that we can provide items like beds, bedding, mosquito nets, a fridge, cutlery, plates, towels and so much more so that these young Queens may be afforded the dignity that simple creature comforts like these provide. By taking care of these needs for them – the needs that most of us don’t even have to think twice about in our own lives – we can allow them to focus on themselves, and begin healing from the unimaginable trauma that has been burdened upon them.

Need further motivation?

We are eternally grateful for the awareness that you bring to our cause with every share, every click, and every cent you are kind enough to bid for us.

So we don’t want to ask you to donate for nothing. We know the feeling of helping these kids is immeasurable in dollars, we really do, but we’d love to give something back too.

This gorgeous painting created by artist Cat Lee was originally created for our recent Event in Byron. It was auctioned off to a lucky winner who purchased it as a surprise for his wife … who happens to be Constance Hall! #onyabillFurnish the Queens Castle

We have permission from both artist Cat Lee and lucky winner Constance to reproduce this print named ‘Malkia Mtoto’ (small queen) to raise funds for our home.

So, here’s what we’re thinking, you can donate towards furnishing the ‘Queen’s Castle’ and receive this print in return!

Donate $25 – you’ll get an A5 sized print of ‘Malkia Mtoto’

Donate $50 – you’ll get an A4 sized print of ‘Malkia Mtoto’

Donate $100 – you’ll get an A3 sized print of ‘Malkia Mtoto’

Example of Print below.  Frame not included.Furnish the Queens Castle

But, as always we want you to help however you can. You don’t HAVE to purchase a print. If you would just like to make a donation no matter how big or small we appreciate anything you can do from as little as $1.. as we have seen with the success of the Queens Castle, every single dollar helps.

You can help in many more ways

We know that money can be difficult to come by, and we truly do appreciate every single cent that you entrust to us for the care of these children.

If you can’t spare a cent today, we understand, and we want you to know that awareness, for us, is just as valuable. Please join us in our online communities, please keep talking about us with your friends, please share our campaigns and please keep ‘Queening’ along with Constance and all of our ambassadors who share the work we are doing. It is so important, and we need you to keep doing it..

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