We question how any man or woman could subject innocent children to the abuse we encounter on a daily basis?

We question the sanity of some people in the villages who blame the girls for what has happened to them?

We question why they would hide and protect pedophiles and risk more young children?

We question the way our girls were treated before the existence of Rafiki Mwema

We question how anyone who saw the impact of the heart and soul being ripped from our baby girls could fail to see the purity shine through?

We sit with the girls and answer their heartbreaking questions – will any man want me after I have been so bad? How will I tell my husband what happened to me? What will WE say when people ask why I have been away from my village? All these questions show that they feel responsible and ashamed about the crime that was committed – the shame they live on a moment-to-moment basis – the fear that they will take into their futures.

We question why they need to worry so much about what a man they have not met yet, will think of them?

We question just how much we can change for all the potential innocent little girls – but we never question that we can make huge changes. Can we eradicate sexual violence – no? Can we educate those around in the communities to be more accepting of the girls who have been subjected to this heinous crime –yes?

We continually question what we are doing and how to make it better – We never question why – it needs to be done and that we are the vehicle that can drive change forward.

We NEVER question the love and commitment of everyone that supports Rafiki Mwema – from the staff, the board through to each and every sponsor and followers of these beautiful little girls.