Why sponsor an African child? Why now?

Change and uncertainty are sweeping the globe. There is a health pandemic, but many of us are experiencing a pandemic of a different kind – compassion fatigue. Businesses and lives have been turned upside down, children unable to attend school, families kept apart. Many of us are tired and unsure of the future.

With so much going on it can be hard to think about issues which don’t directly impact us. But, at times like this we need to come together and act globally. It’s important to remember that vulnerable communities need our continued support. It’s not a time to turn our backs.

Now more than ever it is a good time to sponsor an African child through Rafiki Mwema. 

Sponsor a child in Africa


Over the years there have been many positive economic and political changes across Africa. Despite this, vulnerable children continue to live in unacceptable and heart breaking circumstances. This keeps them the victims of generational violence and poverty. We work with families, communities, schools, churches, villages and with government officials to break the cycle of abuse. We work to give children the chance to live as children should. 

The support for our children is lifelong and complex. We commit to supporting children who have experienced things we could not even imagine. We help them heal their trauma and grow to love, be loved and become safe and loving adults. This work is ongoing and we count on your support to continue running existing programs and facilities. Your support also allows us to develop initiatives that will help support our community into the future. This helps to break the cycle of abuse. 


When you sponsor an African child at our home in Kenya you support the whole Rafiki Mwema family. Our needs can change from moment to moment, in particular during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

With 70 children in our direct care, plus the 130 children we assist throughout the community, we require ongoing financial support. When you sponsor an African child through us, you are collectively supporting the well-being of each of these children. In addition to helping cover the day-to-day costs, we use the funds raised for ongoing work to ensure our staff are therapeutically trained so they can best care for our children. Read more about our Therapeutic Approach HERE.

Please join us in making a difference. We’d love to welcome you to our Rafiki Mwema family. 

Read more about sponsoring an African child and get involved through Rafiki Mwema HERE.

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