Why Volunteer?

You read something, hear something or see something. You know it isn’t right. It stays with you. It leaves an impact. You know as a society we can be better, and do better. You want …

You read something, hear something or see something. You know it isn’t right. It stays with you. It leaves an impact. You know as a society we can be better, and do better. You want to do something about it.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve felt the call to contribute. The desire to connect and create the kind of world that you want to live in. You may have a specific skill to share or simply have the time. Whatever the reason, your contribution is invaluable and can make a big difference.

Rafiki Mwema was born from two women who saw a need and knew they needed to help. They volunteered for years, endless hours and invested (too much) money into the cause they cared about. Then they realised they could make a much greater, and lasting, change if they set up something themselves. Rafiki is supported by a wonderful team of volunteers who work alongside to sponsor african child and donors to help raise vital funds for our programs in Kenya. It is a true team effort and we want you to join us.

Why Volunteer?

There is a Kenyan proverb which says, “Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.” When we come together to share our time and skills, our ability to make an impact increases. Great strength is achieved when good people connect with other good people. Volunteering provides the opportunity to become a part of something bigger. Get in touch about our current Volunteering Opportunities.

Using your unique knowledge and skill set, you can help empower others, give back to the community and make a difference. You can also gain some pretty big personal benefits such as developing new skills and gaining experience. Regardless of the motivation, there’s no doubt you’ll find volunteering both challenging and rewarding.

Meet Our Volunteers

There are many reasons why our volunteers have gotten involved. They include:

  • To empower and support vulnerable individuals
  • To create the type of world they’d like to live in
  • To join a team of like-minded individuals and meet new people
  • To increase experience and gain new skills

Here are some of their stories:

“Volunteering is a vital way to contribute to society. Volunteers are an engine that keeps everything powered. They are the invisible super glue that holds us all together. It is always the most helpless – the children, the elderly, the disabled, the abandoned, the unwell – who are most discriminated against and suffer the most. Because of this, I understand how truly life changing Rafiki Mwema’s work is when I read their updates, whether it’s of a child who receives justice at court, the street boys who are cared for through the feeding program or a mother who has been assisted to start her own business. I knew I wanted to do more than simply donate, and feel so privileged to have the opportunity to volunteer my skills and time for Rafiki Mwema.”


Amanda Collier

Volunteers on Rafiki’s Marketing Committee

“I feel I have been extremely fortunate in life and would not have been where I am today had it not been for my beautiful family. I can’t imagine what my life would look like under different circumstances, or what kind of a person I would be without the love and support I have had. I volunteer for a NFP to give back to those who are less fortunate than me by offering my skills where I can, but also to provide a genuine connection from one person to another – because we are all people at the end of the day – equals in all respects, and kindness should be the very least that we offer one another.”


Kath Portelli

Executive Assistant to CEO at Rafiki Mwema

“For me, a life well lived is one of connection and togetherness. Volunteering for an NFP brings it all together. I can contribute my particular skills, help bring change to people born less fortunate than I and connect with outstanding people for a greater cause.”


Victoria Dyte

Volunteer Webmaster and Member of Executive Committee

“I promised myself at a young age that I would never be an adult that looked the other way. I decided that I would always call out bad behaviour, particularly when the consequences of that behaviour impacted those who were too young, too frightened, too traumatised and often lacking the support they need from the adults in their lives. 

Rafiki Mwema holds people to account for unacceptable behaviours and in doing so, allows children to have the safe and loving childhood they deserve. Being involved with Rafiki Mwema enables me to honour the promise I made to my younger self, to help the critically vulnerable children Rafiki supports and to do what I believe we all have a responsibility to do – what we can, without excuses, to protect those we must. 

We all have a part to play and looking the other way should not be a choice we make, when we are blessed enough to have the choice at all.”


Morwen Rossiter,

CEO of Rafiki Mwema

Together we can do so much. This is the reason we volunteer.

Get Involved – Volunteer Opportunities

With so much to do, we are regularly on the lookout for volunteers. Spread across the globe, our team works together remotely. This flexibility means anyone can join us regardless of location and circumstance. For more information visit us HERE.

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