Beatings and Burnings

Sitting at breakfast this trip has been a joy. We have taken two boys from our older Kings house with us each morning. It gives me a way of ensuring I spend time with them …

Beatings and Burnings

Sitting at breakfast this trip has been a joy. We have taken two boys from our older Kings house with us each morning. It gives me a way of ensuring I spend time with them all, as I have a crazy busy agenda while I’m here.

It has other impacts to. Many of the boys have opened up about life in town before they came to live with us. One boy talked about his childhood.

His father died when he was five. He described him as a good man that didn’t beat him but talked to him if he made a mistake. His mother died the following year, again she was a kind and loving mama, so proud of her four children.

After she died their lives changed beyond recognition. They had a grandmother and an Uncle who sound just pure evil. They were beaten several times a day for being a child. One day this young man didn’t want to go to school – his mother had not long died and he was very sad. The Grandmother took him to the police and told them to beat him. And they did. He described how they took away his trouser and shirt, soaked them in water and beat him with the wet clothing until he screamed and thought he could take no more. He talked about the pain and the fear. They then took him into a room that was filled with water. He could only stand as it was deep for his little beaten five year old body. He had to stay there for hours, in pain from the beating by grown men, and he knew if he fell to the floor in pain or fell asleep he would drown. They left him all night. They then beat him again and sent him back to his Grandmother.

He also told us that the Uncle had a plant that burnt your skin. They would cover him and his brother with this plant from head to toe and then beat them with a big big stick. The burning and the beating together, simply too much. This and so much more happened daily.

They have scars that break your heart. Each scar a memory of the evilness of adults to small children. Each scar, a map of their lives.

His younger brother left home to the streets at five and returned for him. He described acting as if he was going to school, but leaving to never return. His street life, with all the fear, pain and violence would be a better path than his family.

Is it any wonder they took to the streets and felt safer there, despite the beatings from the street men; the continued abuse and beatings from the police; the onslaught of sexual abuse that is common place in town? Is it any wonder they don’t trust anyone and their fear of the police is immense?

This young man spoke of revenging the uncle who abused him so badly. He wants his moment to tell him what he did was so wrong. He dreams of beating him to see the fear of his own childhood reflected in his Uncles eyes. Who would blame him. But he is an amazing young man and I believe this will never happen.

He said that if he returns successful he will be welcomed back into this family. He is so clear. He is never part of their family. He cannot forgive and does not want to return to them.

We are helping him to make sense of all that has happened. To know that his revenge is best served in the success he has made of his life. His success is being the best Daddy ever to his future children. He will do that. He loves children and they run to him every time we visit the small girls and boys. He is an amazing young man and this is just a tiny insight into his horrific life.

Thank you for helping him and other boys to be the young men they were born to be.

Beatings and Burnings

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