FullCRM – a valued corporate relationship

We believe in the power of partnerships. Rafiki Mwema has grown from strength to strength through the support of our partnerships, and our FullCRM partnership is enabling us to achieve more than ever before.

Corporate relationships are invaluable to Rafiki Mwema. In-kind and financial partnerships not only keep us running, they’re critical to raising awareness of all we do for our children at Doyle Farm.

One such company we’re delighted to be aligned with are the legends at FullCRM. The company recently committed to sponsoring one child for each person working at FullCRM – a total of 16 child sponsorships! Their generosity will assist us to meet our ongoing monthly costs of AUD$45,000 to keep Doyle Farm’s doors open. This gives us the financial stability and security we need to give our children the best care possible for their healing journey.

We recently sat down with Eliza Breusch from FullCRM to chat about their commitment to Rafiki Mwema.

Tell us a bit about your organisation and why corporate giving is an important part of your work culture? 

FullCRM is a Salesforce Implementation Partner that has been running since 2014. We help other Australian businesses thrive by leveraging the Salesforce platform to improve their people, processes and data.

Since the business was founded we have always valued giving back – whether it be volunteer days, donations, or pro-bono work. To ensure it was incorporated into our culture, we applied a Pledge 1% model.  This means that we pledge one per cent of either time, product or resources towards philanthropic activities. The model ensures that everyone in the FullCRM team is involved in giving back somehow. We love that it is not focused entirely on cash donations and our team can see how our products and skills can help make a difference.

How did FullCRM first hear about the work of Rafiki Mwema? What inspired the organisation to choose us? 

A mutual friend asked if we could meet with Rafiki Mwema to see if we could assist with some challenges they had with their Salesforce system. We met Sarah Rosborg and heard about the incredible work that Rafiki Mwema does to help children who have experienced horrific trauma in their life. We knew that we wanted to be involved in helping them make a difference.

How has your organisation become involved? 

Rafiki Mwema uses the Salesforce platform to manage donations. Our initial involvement came about as Rafiki had difficulties with a previous implementation partner and their Salesforce instance. Rafiki wanted to provide sponsors with photos and updates of the children. After meeting with Sarah, we found we had the skills to organise the sponsorship process and make it visual through the portal. 

While helping Sarah build out the sponsorship portal, we saw the different stories about the children in their care and how important sponsorship is to help make a difference in their lives. With the entire world facing the challenges of Covid-19 and donations for charities and not for profit organisations decreasing, we decided we wanted to be involved further and make a personal difference. We decided to put our work to the test and use the portal for what it was built for – and sponsor children. Adopting a one for one model, we sponsor one child for each FullCRM team member.

Being involved with Rafiki Mwema has been extremely rewarding for our team, and we are passionate about continuing this relationship. Our team offers ongoing pro bono support to improve processes and make system enhancements.

What has the response been by the team? 

We have loved working with the Rafiki team and seeing the Salesforce platform used to support such a worthy cause. Some members of our team have made donations on top of what we have contributed as a business. 

Any words of advice for other organisations looking to do something similar? 

While cash donations are vital for NFP organisations, we also recommend looking at alternative ways to donate, because your time, products, or resources can also be of benefit.

We encourage looking at ways to incorporate these initiatives into your workplace culture. At FullCRM, each team member has a photo of their sponsored child on their desk, and as a part of our yearly kickoff conference, we are allotting time to sit down and write handwritten letters to our sponsored children. We’ll also participate as teams in the March for Rafiki event in May.

Inspired by FullCRM’s story and looking for ways involve your company? Have a look at our articles Dollar Matching in Action and Workplace Giving for Rafiki Mwema.

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