Can you imagine the tension, the excitement the disbelief at Rafiki Mwema that Constance and her family were on their way!

Walking into the big girls house with Constance when she arrived was simply eclectic. The love that she had simply poured out of her very being. The girls, all teenagers, simply calmed in her air. They screamed when she arrived and then it was as if calmness came and they just wanted to hang with her. How does Con do that. She is exactly what she needs to be and our girls loved it

Watching our small baby girls sing their welcome song for Con was magic. Their beautiful little faces. Their African sound. Their joy at their Queen visiting. Cons face alight with love coming straight back to her. Family coming home.

How can you measure what this means? A total stranger raised money to build our house because she loves us. And now she’s traveled around the world with her baby to be with us. Because she loves us. Mind blowing

And our Kings! The boys the world didn’t want! The boys too damaged to love. Yeah right! The magic that is Constance Hall went straight to the heart of our Kings. They were like putty in her presence. How could this person care about us and love us when our own family have struggled to do that?They saw the love and felt the connection. She is our family. Full stop.

Having Con at Rafiki Mwema was like the sun setting on a perfect day. No words can capture its beauty. No picture can truly create that image. But the glow lives in your heart and brightens the darkest corner

Con, you are our sunrise and our sunset. You bring us acceptance from a world we fear will judge us. You are our love and our joy.

You are family.

All photos by the amazing UAVISUALS