At last. THE day had arrived. It was the opening of our Kings Castle. It was unbelievable that in a few short hours ALL our boys and girls would live together at Doyle Farm. There’s not a day goes by that we are not eternally grateful to Noel & Kate Doyle for buying the farm and making everything else possible.

The morning of the opening was a rush of last minute preparations and being interviewed for a documentary that Constance team were making.

And then it happened. Constance walked out of her house with baby Raja at her breast, looking every inch the African Mama she was. Denzy was with her looking more and more Massai everyday.


As they joined us and our other guests our children burst into laughter, clapping, and dance. They love those guys! They met Cons best friend Hugh with big big smiles and waited for his infectious craziness to erupt – and he didn’t disappoint! The Rafiki Mwema children call him uncle cheesey- but not in the way we might mean it. Qizi is Swahili for crazy and he is certainly that and we all adore him.

So the fun began. We had a day full of our children singing and dancing , speeches from our guests, all held loosely together by Anne-Marie who MC’d the day admirably.

We went live on Facebook – thank you to everyone who watched and commented. We had our lovely Aaron taking the most beautiful photos. Our day was perfect.

Con made the most emotional beautiful speech that touched the hearts of our children, while Denzy was made an honoury Massai and joined them in their traditional dancing I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier man.

Some of our children shared their stories with the world and maybe that was the highlight. To tell everyone about the horrors of living on the streets in town, where you feared you could never ever live a safe life where you were loved – and then to come to Rafiki Mwema. So emotional.

The day continued with feasting on the most delicious food, and dancing and singing for hours.

Denzy and Cons sons shared their dance styles with our children. A really international day.

And that of course now becomes the new beginning of our next chapter.

All our children safely on the farm together.

One beautiful big family living a life children deserve.

We salute you Queen Constance for the magic and beauty you have brought Rafiki Mwema.

We love you for simply caring enough to help children that now take you as their family.

Their heartbeat echoes yours. You are loved and rightly so.

Asante Sana is not enough but it’s all we have to give you. Thanks and love in abundance.

You truly are our Queen.

Anne-Marie & Sarah

All photos by the amazing UAVISUALS