Our first ever employee of the month

Over the past few months, our Employee of the Month program has become a highlight for the staff at Doyle Farm. There’s a bit of friendly rivalry, lots of laughs and so much love.

Over the past few months, our Employee of the Month program has become a highlight for the staff at Doyle Farm. There’s a bit of friendly rivalry, lots of laughs and so much love. It’s a chance for the team to put onto paper why they value each other and shows them that their efforts are being seen.

The best kind of surprise

We first started theEmployee of the Month awards in September 2021. Being the first award, the winner was chosen by our Executive Committee who are closely connected with daily happenings at Doyle Farm. Then during our staff meeting, we surprised everyone by announcing our first ever Employee of the Month – Aunty Conci. There was celebration, laughter and lots of excitement as we explained why we were doing this. Employee of the Month would become an ongoing initiative in which they’d choose each month’s winner.

Aunty Conci receives her Employee of the Month certificate and gift voucher from the Rafiki Mwema team.

Aunty Conci was chosen due to the life-changing work she does as the manager of the Feeding Program. The uncertainty of what tomorrow or even the next minute holds is the daily reality of the children who live on the street. But the fact that Aunty Conci and her team show up every day gives these vulnerable children hope. The Feeding Program provides a safe place to rest, a daily meal and first aid. Care extends to sex education and offering a chance to bathe and wash clothes. All of this aims to provide these children with the basic human rights that should rightfully be theirs.

The following daily briefing from Aunty Conci perfectly summarises the importance she plays in the life’s of these children:

“Team, it was a great day. Everyone here was attentive, listening to what Uncle Bubah was saying. The talk was about the future and hope. We talked to them about a future which we believe that they have. A beautiful future, if only they can realise their potential. For example, we discovered that some of them have talents and are good at art work. They don’t believe they can do something with their life but we at Rafiki believe in them and we want to help them believe that they can change from drugs to doing something constructive. We will try our best. We want to think more than just food and see if we can make their world a better place to live and enjoy.”

A well-deserved recognition

Aunty Conci couldn’t be more deserving of the honour, and our team in Kenya were thrilled to present her with a certificate and gift.

Aunty Conci is on the go from the time she wakes up until she goes to bed – every day of the week. She’s a shining example of true compassion and acceptance, loving the children that no one else loves. Just as her certificate says, Aunty Conci reaches the unreachable and brings healing to the hopeless. Asante – thank you – Aunty Conci. We’re so grateful for all you do.

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

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