Confidentiality Policy

Scheduled Review Date: 11/08/2021


The purpose of this document is to provide a framework for Rafiki Mwema Incorporated (Rafiki) in dealing with confidentiality considerations.  This policy affects all staff (including Executive Committee members) and volunteers of Rafiki who may have access to confidential information.


Rafiki collects and administers a range of information for a variety of purposes.  Some of this information is considered confidential and is restricted in its circulation for commercial, privacy or ethical reasons.

Confidential or restricted information includes: personal information of Rafiki staff, volunteers, customers, donors and the children we care for (clients); unpublished financial information; any other information not intended for external dissemination (whether in writing or verbally).

Rafiki will place restrictions on the dissemination of information it holds when the information:

  • is commercial in confidence;
  • concerns the privacy of its staff, volunteers, clients, donors or customers;
  • requires protection to safeguard the intellectual property of the organisation.

Rafiki will ensure that confidential information restrictions are observed by its staff and volunteers.

Any information on which restrictions have been placed shall be, as far as possible, clearly identified on the document or file.  Where categories of information rather than individual documents are restricted, this restriction will be conveyed to staff and volunteers dealing with this information.

Staff of Rafiki and volunteers dealing with restricted information, shall be required to sign a confidentiality agreement (see Appendix A).


The Rafiki Chief Executive Officer is responsibility for review and implementation of this policy.  All staff and volunteers are responsible for observing confidentiality procedures in their workplace.

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