What a wonderful Christmas we were able to celebrate this year at Rafiki Mwema.


There are so many of you who have been involved with this process.. from sending gifts to Sarah or Anne Marie to bring over for presents or donating towards our Christmas Party and staff bonuses.
We enjoyed the MOST fabulous Christmas celebration at Doyle Farm where we were able to hire lots of play equipment for the children to enjoy.
We had one of our favourite chefs come to make a delicious meal. We also had soda, fairy floss AND ice cream.
Our staff were thrilled when they were advised we could give them a bonus for Christmas thanks to our sponsors.
After our party we joined at the Kings Castle and gave out gifts to everyone. It was such an exciting day and night and I can’t describe the feeling of being involved in such a day of happiness for these kids who deserve this and so much more.
We couldn’t have afforded to do this without all of you who contributed. Every gift, every cent, made this day perfection. Don’t ever think your contribution is too small.. Look at what we all did.
Enjoy these photos.. There are so many days in our children’s life that our kids need to forget. I believe if we fill their heads with these joyful moments it will help remove the bad memories and keep the good. This is a day our kids will remember forever.