I am not sure where to start with this post.  It is long overdue.. It should have come months ago when Laura from Asante Adventures started ‘Safari Mwema’ for Rafiki Mwema.  It should have come while all of the wonderful participants where busy working hard raising funds to reach their $2000 target or perhaps it should have come when they were climbing that ridiculous size mountain!

…but the workload is rising and time gets away from me.  I didn’t want to write a half arsed post that didn’t show my appreciation for what has been done for us.

First things first, HUGE THANKS to our never ending, long time supporter Laura Baxter (Asante Adventures)  Laura was meticulous with her organisation and very patient with my lack of contact.  She arranged a fantastic trek and safari for all of our participants and had every detail perfected.  She did all of this to raise funds for Rafiki Mwema. She worked so hard for us and made not 1 cent! not to mention she also fell pregnant and gave birth all whilst arranging this trip!  High Five, Laura.  You are a super woman in my eyes.

Next up I want to thank our Safari Mwema 2017 participants!

We have listened to some of their stories and are blown away by the reality of climbing Mt Kili – who knew just how tough it was. And yet they did it for our children. They pushed themselves beyond, way beyond, their limits of comfort. They are super-hero’s, knowing they were helping our children, children they had, at that point, never met.

They did it so we can keep providing the expertise, love, kindness, homes, food and contact with their families, that are at the heart beat of everything we do. They help make Rafiki Mwema rock!

They climbed alongside our very own general Manager Eric and a mutual bond of love and respect developed. He speaks so highly of that special team and they of him. I guess climbing a mountain and sharing the most basic of experiences will either bond you or split you. You guys bonded with that magic Rafiki glue – the one that holds the world together and gets inside our souls with love for the project and the people. You are family and we love you!

We have finally managed to reconcile the final amount raised by our Safari Mwema team and we are at a total of $20,000 AUD 

This is a phenomenal effort and this money has been used to help us with our running costs for our homes and projects as you will read here we are struggling each month to make ends meet. 

We are forever grateful.

Sarah & Anne-Marie

Danielle from Keeping up with the Holsbys has blogged a most amazing recount of her trek with the team.  You can view her blog posts here.