Support the girls and we change their lives in a positive way, help them to build a better safer future and move forwards from the horrific abuse they have experienced.

Support the boys and we will build a future generation that will be loving caring young men, that respect women and become good fathers that don’t beat their children. Their children will learn from their fathers to be respectful and kind and will treat their children and wives with love and compassion. 

We can change generations to come but it has to start from ground zero and Constance Hall has yet again become the foundation of the boys houses – a palace for our kings!!! Constance our dream is build on your love and legendary amazingness!

All children deserve respect, kindness and emotional safety and every brick that is put in place will protect them from their heart-wrenching, unimaginable pain and fear that has determined their terrifying lives, living on the dangerous exploitative streets of town. Each brick with allow our Kings to raise above the expectation that they would be in prison or dead before they leave their teens. Each layer of cement will concrete the love and acceptance that they deserve. The right to be a child. The right to be a King in their own skins. Every roof tile will protect them from the cruelty that ravaged their childhood and set them on a path that is their God given right. The windows will reflect the love that will shine in their hearts and guild them to their journey beyond Rafiki Mwema – towards a life of being the best friend; boyfriend; father and member of community that they can be.

That will all happen because of Constance and her Queens. You are building a village beyond our wildest dreams – a village of love and kindness and repair from traumatised children. You are creating safety life itself!

Our village – our oasis of acceptance is as unique as our children. The Kings Castles will be built – we will get our foster pods for the children that need more than the care we can give and YOU will be changing generations to come. 

You are saving future generations from the abuse they will never know; from the fears they won’t have to experience, because we are able to alter the path of the Kings, and stop the cycle of abuse that they were caught in. 

Constance Queen of Queens – there are no words to express our love and thanks – there are no words that would ever let you know the light that you shone on Rafiki Mwema is eternal.

We simply love the bones of you xxxxxx

A message from our children for you.