Workplace Health & Safety (WHS) Policy

Scheduled Review Date: 1/6/2022


Rafiki Mwema Inc. (Rafiki) considers the work health and safety of all employees, contractors, volunteers and clients to be of utmost importance. We will make resources available to comply with the relevant Acts and Regulations associated with workplace health and safety and to ensure that this organisation is a safe and healthy one.

By effectively implementing our WHS Policy we aim to attract and retain talented staff and volunteers to create a positive environment for all.


This policy applies to all staff and/or volunteers (including Board and Committee members) of Rafiki and Play Kenya.  While Rafiki exists to support the activities of Rafiki Mwema and Play Kenya in Kenya, it should be noted that the two organisations are separate and distinct.

Rafiki have a duty of care and are required to comply with the following legislation:

  • Work Health & Safety Act 2011 & Regulations 2017 (Cth)
  • Workers Compensation Act 1987 (NSW)
  • Occupational Safety and Health Act 2007 (Kenya)

Rafiki will implement this policy by adopting a risk management system for workplace health and safety.


The Rafiki Executive Committee, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for monitoring the effectiveness and implementation of this policy.

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