This March, our amazing Employee of the Month is …

He’s the man behind the camera, capturing the gleeful smiles, Christmas parties, school portraits, birthday celebrations, family visits, farm activities and everything in between of life in Kenya.

A huge congratulations to this month’s Employee of the Month – Michael Odero! Michael is a true team player and a delight to work with. He keeps our teams around the world connected by keeping a record of all that happens in Kenya with his camera and his reports.

Michael Odero holds his Employee of the Month certificate.


A trust-builder

Michael is our Kenyan Liaison and keeps our team in Australia connected with our team and children in Kenya. A big part of Michael’s role is to help our children send us messages each day. We want our children to tell us anything they want to – and know that we listen without criticism or judgement, we believe them, and we accept and acknowledge their feelings. To be able to open up like this, our children need to trust and Michael has built such amazing relationships that our children feel confident to share their thoughts and feelings, highlights and lowlights, fears and joys.

His colleagues wrote, “The kids have developed their confidence and self-esteem through Michael. They are able to talk and speak from their hearts what they feel about life in Rafiki.”

Always with a smile

Michael is a true team player – always there to support, step in when needed, and take on additional responsibilities. And he does it all with a smile. We couldn’t have said it better than so many of his nominations which spoke to his good humour and friendliness:

  • “He is friendly – he talks to everyone and smiles with all of us.”
  • “He is kind to the children at the farm and the staff. The children at the farm like his jokes. He brings laughter and joy amongst the kids and staff.”
  • “He’s loveable with every staff and our lovely children here despite not having a lot of PACE training. But he still applies playfulness well for our vulnerable kids.”
  • “He brings laughter to other staff and is always joyful. Gets along well with each one of us and the children too.”
  • “[His] humour makes me happy whenever l happen to be working with [him].”

He wears many different hats with ease

As our Kenyan Liaison, Michael is not just responsible for recording all that happens with his camera, but to deliver regular reports. With his great English skills, he also jumps in to helps others write up their reports. And his tech skills mean he’s always in demand for setting up equipment for the staff’s weekly training sessions and other events. For the team outside Kenya, Michael’s ability to keep us connected across long distances and timezones is invaluable and his Kenyan team has recognised that, saying,

  • “His tireless efforts in capturing all the events and activities at Doyle Farm is incredible. He never puts down his camera. He’s always behind the scenes to ensure that he captures everything important.”
  • “Mike does a great job in how he coordinates and brings the picture of what’s happening on the ground to the directors. He makes sure staff responsibilities and children’s report coordination is well-delivered and seen via his magical hands with the camera.”
  • “Despite his busy and tight schedule, he has never shied away from helping out in other duties at the boys’ house. He will perform every duty assigned to him without question and he always does it to perfection.”

Thank you, Michael

Michael has so many skills and qualities that can be used in many different responsibilities at Rafiki Mwema and we are so fortunate to have him on our team. Thank you, Michael, for all you do and for being such a joy to work with.

Rafiki Mwema: Our Employees of the Month

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